Check Out SyncSummit London – 7-8 April


Check Out SyncSummit Synctoberfest 1-2 October



Sync Summits are high-level, focused networking events held in New York, Hollywood and Paris where top music supervisors, heads of music in visual and interactive media (TV, Film, Video Games, Advertising, the Internet and Mobile), label executives, publishers, music libraries, composers, artists, technologists, legal, accounting, brand managers and service providers gather for two days of discussion, networking and dealmaking.

The Sync Summit Mission

Sync Summit is designed to be a different kind of conference – not a mere pitfchfest where the connections made are soon forgotten or not followed up, or a general glossing over of the music in media market.  Rather, Sync Summit is organized around fostering real, productive networking opportunities, presenting case studies of how music is discovered and used, evolving business models in the music in media market as well as creative and promotional considerations.

What makes Sync Summit Different?

Quality and value. Sync Summit is based around making sure that every attendee gets the highest level – and the greatest chances of success in the music for visual/interactive media market.  This means:

  • Ample networking opportunities throughout the two days of the event, including connecting with attendees before the event starts though the Sync Summit website, structured networking events during the show, and post-show follow up.
  • A real dialog between attendees and speakers that features a “talk-show” format that allows attendees to ask questions during the panels and keynotes of top executives and creators in order to learn from their experiences and knowledge on what the best ways and means are to maximize success in the music in media market.
  • Practical take-aways like survey results, case studies and presentations that provide key data and information that can directly benefit how attendees do business.

The Focus of Sync Summit: doing business, creativity, A&R and Promotion:

  • Discussing and Presenting Business Models and Market Case Studies:   As the business evolves, so to do the ways and means executives in the market discover, find and use music in media.  At Sync Summit, executives discuss with attendees the ways and means they use to find music, how music is used and paid for, what are the considerations in terms of publishing, payment, music discovery methods, branding, the process of acquisition and best practices for maximizing profitability, success and how rights holders and creators can best meet and do business with music supervisors and heads of music in visual and interactive media.
  • The Impact and Importance of Music in the Creative Process:  At the end of the day, its all about the right track for the right ad, video game, TV show, Film, App or website.  Everything else is process and deal points.  At Sync Summit, keynotes, panelists and attendees discuss the importance of music to the narrative through presenting practical examples of how music is used, why particular tracks or composers have impact within a creative work, and the ways and means that rights holders and creatives can properly partner with music supervisors and visual/interactive media creators to help them secure the right music for the right project.
  • Sync, Composition and its impact on Artist Promotion, Revenue and A&R:  There’s a lot of talk in the music business about how Sync is the new single, the new radio, is the way that artists can get discovered, but what’s the real deal?  Certainly, a good sync in a film, placement in an ad or composition featured in a TV show can generate new revenue for an artist and help to raise an artist’s profile to some degree, but how do the most successful artists, composers, libraries, labels, management and publishers make sure that every time an artists’ music is featured in visual media is leveraged in the most holistic manner possible?  What are the best practices to insure that every placement or sync creates maximum opportunities to build audience and ultimately create more sales of recorded music, merchandise, tickets and lead to more potential sync events.

Who Attends Sync Summit?

Sync Summit consistently attracts the top music supervisors, label, branding, publishing, management, library, media and technology executives as well as composers and artists in the business of music in visual and interactive media.  The attendee breakdown is as follows:

  • 40% – Music Supervisors and Music In Media Executives: These are the people that control the creative process and budgets in TV, Film, Video Games, Internet, Mobile, Branding and Advertising projects.  They are the people responsible for  budgetary and creative decisions in the music in media market.  And, whether speakers or attendees, their focus at Sync Summit is to share information, network and do business.
  • 40% – Rights Holders, Composers, Artists, Libraries, Brands, Labels and Management:   These are the people that make and own the music.  They consist of people on the creative or rights ownership side that have deep knowledge and proven track records in working with artists, music supervisors, studios, video game companies, entertainment executives and interactive companies to make and present music in the right way to strike a deal.
  • 20% – Press and Service Providers:  Technology companies, marketplace owners, accounting firms, law firms, performance rights organizations and selected press all gather at Sync Summit to discuss issues and present their services that assist music supervisors, producers and rights holders/creators to do business more efficiently, foster discovery and get deals done.