I started out as a songwriter for Warner Chappel Scandinavia and was a recording artist for many years. Since I really love so many musical genres, I really feel that I took the right decision to only focus on songwriting later on, which is truly my passion. I started Lady Marmalade Music in 2002, a publishing company containing my own songs and had/have a lot of success getting cuts with artists and in film and TV. I have had the great opportunity to write with such amazing talents over the years, which not only created great songs down the road, but also great friendships.

In 2004 I started Feature Sounds, representing other writers, bands and film composers for film and TV placements. What I love about the “job”​, is that I am introduced to such great talent and having the opportunity to place their music, which I enjoy. I also enjoy the process working with producers and Music Supervisors and filmmakers, establishing a trusting and creative relationship, finding or creating the right music for their projects.

My goal is to establish more long-lasting and great working relations and to work closely with filmmakers and producers and Music Supervisors on the creative side, being a part of their vision or even having the chance to expand their vision.

Specialties: Music licensing, songwriting, music production, voice overs.

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Email: irene@featuresounds.com

Phone: 323 791 0335

Credits: See attached. Including Super Junior – Christmas album, Becky, Chocolate Holiday, Lights and Camera, The Perfect Holiday, etc.