Iz Charles began his musical journey at the age of six, and by age 12 he was playing professionally as drummer in Southeast Texas. He later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory and Composition from Grambling St. University. During his undergraduate years, he ventured into songwriting and music production, scoring placements with the Jay King produced vocal quartet “New Choice,” (Warner Bros), and Richard “Dimples” Fields.  (Bellmark). 

In 2007 Iz earned a Master’s of Music degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis on Film Composition. It was during this time that “Let’s Fall in Love Again,” one of the songs he produced for his Master’s Thesis gained notoriety when it climbed to #1 on the Billboard R&B Singles Sales Chart in April of 2007.

For the past 33 years Iz has been serving students as a professional arts educator in the Broward County, FL public schools, and is currently the Artistic Director for the award winning Dillard Center for the Arts Visual & Performing Arts Magnet High School, recognized as one of the elite high school magnet programs in the nation.  He has inked non-exclusive publishing deals with Scorekeepers Music, 411 Music, as well as Viacom for music in his catalog to be used for synchronization.







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