JanetB began her musical journey at a young age learning the classical repertoire of the piano and immersed herself in the popular music genres of her time – Top 40, rock, singer-songwriter and Motown. She earned her B.A. in Music & Theatre from the Aaron Copland School of Music (Queens College) in New York City, where she studied music theory, composition, and all other aspects of the craft.

In 2016, after a successful business career, JanetB challenged herself to return to her musical roots and began building her catalog. The result is a growing body of high-quality, sophisticated original music in a variety of moods and genres. Her piano music can be upbeat or melancholy, a blend of New Age simplicity and rich jazz harmonies. Her electronic compositions run the gamut from serene ambient soundscapes to light-hearted chillhop to dark dramatic underscores.

JanetB turned her focus to music licensing in 2020 and has had placements in podcasts, online radio stations, virtual theatre productions, and in-store retail broadcast collections. Her most recent placement is in an upcoming indie film currently in post-production.

JanetB is a registered Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) artist. A full list of credits and a sampling of her original music can be found on her website www.janetbmusic.com. Her complete catalog is available to stream on SoundCloud at www.soundcloud.com/janetb-music. You can contact JanetB directly at janet@janetbmusic.com.

website: www.janetbmusic.com
link to tracks: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/30s3mygr0sfqs7m/AABWEaedZFDRNltCu_gNfIMSa?dl=0
contact info: janet@janetbmusic.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/janetb-music
Facebook: www.facebook.com/janetbmusic