I am Janet Buller, a lyricist and composer for film and TV from Pattison, Texas, a small town west of Houston. I learned that I’m a bad ass after surviving breast cancer and other health challenges. 

I think I have some alter-egos since I enjoy writing many genres from r-n-b to Americana to RAP to indie pop. A good song is a good song. I have 4 songs repped already with For Goodness Sync, Film and Song and Imaginary Friends.

I’m a professional photographer along with my husband who I met at a music festival (and he came up with his upright bass and started playing with me).

I also love to dance.  

I love co-writing and I’m always looking for great producers to work with too.

A selection of co-writes and solo writes by Janet: https://s.disco.ac/ihvrdjeyiimt