Jeff J. Ensign – self repping artist, composer, producer specializing in electronic hybrids. Classically trained on violin starting age 2.5. Self taught guitarist, and producer. Heavily influenced by his mother being a vocal music teacher specializing in Orff Schulwerk, and his father teaching astronomy and theatre. Musically Jeff has been inspired by David Bowie, John Carpenter, Slayer, Stravinski, Copland, Gershwin, and Modern Pop and frequently draws from studying these various styles.

Jeff is best know for the sound track of Alessandro Bavari’s internationally award winning short film “Metachoas”(2008). Jeff has also produced, edited, and written music for an absurdist reality series that aired locally in Sacramento in 2011-12. In 2001 Jeff obtained an associate degree in theatre specializing in virtual reality integration in live performance. Jeff is also a father to a quirky 7 year old son that is always a source of inspiration as well as an aspiring producer.



Highlights / Collaborations