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John Jackson Cloud – Indie Publisher/Scandinavia’s biggest indie label – Playground Music Scandinavia/Publishing

I arrive in Sweden from the Southern California desert region in 1984 as an exchange student, and then I decided to stay in Sweden and make a career and life there. I started as an intern at Radium Records in Gothenburg (Union Carbide Productions, Blue For Two, SATOR, Psychotic Youth…). Shortly after, I got a job at MNW Records where I was Head of Licensing for 11 years.

As a founding member of Playground Music Scandinavia and Playground Music Publishing (now 21 years and growing), I am Head of Playground Music Publishing handling administration, sync licensing, promotion and pitching my songwriter-producer-artist/s works worldwide. In addition, I am Head of Sync licensing for the Playground Music Scandinavia Group of labels representing the hits of Ace of Base, The Rasmus, Smith & Thell (first album), Jakob Ogawa, Miss Li, KOOP, Mando Diao, Leila K, The Refused, Fireside, Astrid Swan, Titiyo, Martin Hederos and many more…



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Stefan Levin – Film-theater-Ballet score and Classical guitarist
Trailer Music by Jeff Virgo & Marianne Perback


The Playground Music Scandinavia Group of Labels consist of: Playground MusicDiesel MusicRoxy RecordingsNATIONAL Records, Uniform BeatMega RecordsStartracks RecordsExogenic Music GroupMasa RecordingsGaea RecordsSoliti RecordsBrus & Knaster

Catalogues represented by Playground Music : Murena Records-Varano ProductionsSL KompositionMassProduktion and  Playground Music Publishing

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