Karen “kVision” Grossman

Co-Founder, Beautiful Flying Records

Beautiful Flying Music

CitiZenOne Music

Karen “kVision” Grossman is the co-founder of Beautiful Flying Records and Beautiful Flying Music publishing as well as a sync rep for CitiZenOne Music.

kVision has successfully produced and developed content for multiple forms of media, including television, film and interactive since the mid 90’s.

It was this looming of music, video and art that in 2006 lead her to found kVision Events – a boutique music booking agency that placed artists in thousands of shows across the US & Europe thru early 2020, while concurrently provided marketing and design support.

It was also in 2006 that she began working with music artist Lipbone Redding. Their long-term collaboration, which ranges from visual art, music production, tour booking and promotion, and aspects of the recording process, led to their co-founding of Beautiful Flying Records and it’s publishing company, Beautiful Flying Music.

At its core, Beautiful Flying Records is host to 25 years of recordings by Lipbone Redding. The song-based catalogue exhibits a range that includes groovy, fun and positive vibes with styles including R&B, Rock, Soul, Funk, Roots, Rock, Acapella, Acoustic, Electronic, and Meditation music.

The goal of Beautiful Flying Records and Beautiful Flying Music is to be a repository and a promotional vehicle for uplifting, positive and thoughtful music from around the globe. Stay tuned…!

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