Kashew Butter Profile Pic Nov 2020

Meet alt-pop maestro Kashew Butter; songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. On Kashew Butter productions, melodic vocals weave their way through heavy beat-oriented production, while synths and electric/acoustic guitars glimmer throughout. Kashew’s lyrics address themes of personal growth, compassion and positivity. Played live, the songs take on a life of their own through looping and live beats.

So far in 2020, Kashew has released three singles:

”Living Fire” is an anthem about lighting up your life’s purpose. The lyric encourages the listener directly to “burn your doubts, c’mon lay claim to who you are, a shining star”. This is in line with Kashew’s worldview that each person has their own gifts to share with the world.

“Here Goes Me” explores the feeling of facing the unknown, and taking a step into the darkness. It was inspired by the courage and strength that come from love and belonging. This second Kashew Butter release of 2020 is an indie pop gem with swirly synthesizers, self-reflective lyrics dressed with harmonized vocals, scorching guitar lines, fat bass and 80’s inspired programmed percussion.

“Decide” finds Kashew exploring what it means to be courageous as an artist. This song features a moody, Lennon inspired verse leading into an infectious McCartney pop chorus; a melodic indie-pop vocal with hip-hop beat production; and lyrics which invite the listener to “take some time/ to see where you’re at sometimes/ sometimes chimes wind up feeling ostracized by the wind”.

The Kashew Butter EP (2018) features Kashew finding his footing in the format of an EP. The album starts with a one-two punch of the beach-pop Botswana (with a sample of one of Kashew’s heroes, Joel Plaskett) followed by the Mos-Def inspired “Earthbound”. The pastiche production ballad “Every Moment” ramps up into the acoustic- fuelled “Cargo”, which draws inspiration from the concept that if one is on a crowded train, they may as well put down the baggage they’re holding onto, and enjoy the ride. “Lionfish” is a raucous guitar riff narrative about a killer fish, and “Problems with Girls” channels early Beck vocals and key loops.

Kashew is gearing up to release his full length album Greenery in spring of 2021.

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