Kate Skidmore is a songwriter and the Music Administrator for Power Pack Studios; a ONE-STOP, ALL-IN music production studio.  Our powerful songs are here to serve your powerful projects!  As a co-founder for Power Pack Studios, Kate provides a spark through her leadership as a strength-based facilitator and collaborator that is in the business of Empowering Women in Music for life!  

Do you think music can change the world?  Kate does.  Kate embraces music as a universal language. Music inspires, heals, entertains, connects people, captures stories, helps people find their voice, stores memories, and impacts listeners. As a songwriter, Kate uses concepts, to form lyrics, and capture messages, that helps harness emotions, housed within melodies and harmonies, that distills life, down to an essence that comes packaged, as a song. The combination of a powerful song placed in all forms of media–film/tv/advertisement/video game/podcast–really can change the world!

Kate works in concert with singer/songwriter/live performing artist, Keri Edwards, and producer/composer/singer/songwriter, Lori Lavioletter to write and produce powerful songs.  The strengths found in this collaborative group of women is truly, POWERful.  Kate would love to lead the way to serve your music placement needs!










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