A versatile and evocative songwriter and lyricist, Katherine Lynn Nemeth specializes in translating authentic and heartwarming experiences into catchy and memorable melodic stories. Brought up in Cleveland, home of the Rock ’N Roll Hall of Fame, Nemeth spent her youth at every concert she could gain access to while absorbing influences from ZZ Top to Amy Grant. A prolific songwriter by age 12, Nemeth taught herself to play guitar by 17, drawing from her unique ability to translate her influences of blues, jazz, gospel, and folk into an eclectic soundscape just her own. Evolving to work with artists around the world, Nemeth writes universal narratives through connecting to each individual artist’s unique story. A finalist in several acclaimed songwriting competitions put on by respected groups such as the International Singer Songwriter Association and the West Coast Songwriters Association, Nemeth is experienced in communicating with a global audience through song. She also has several sync placements in successful independent films such as “Christmas By Chance”, “The Art of Christmas”, and “Love in Aruba”. Capable of bridging the gap between the artistic and the commercial, Katherine Lynn Nemeth is a valuable asset to the creative vision of any artist.

Nemeth is currently available for collaborative songwriting sessions and can be contacted at KatherineLynnMusic@gmail.com