Keegan Meiring, AKA Goodboy., is a sync producer based out of New Zealand. 

With 6 years experience working in advertising as an audio engineer and sound design, he discovered production music and licensing. His position gave him a unique view on how music is briefed, how music libraries are searched, and what the pitching and reviewing process looked like. He was also able to meet with representatives from major libraries around Australasia to build his first industry relationships.

This led to pursuing writing music for sync and landing his first contract with UPPM. 

Since then, he has had music placements on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Glow Up, AFL, Fox Sport, Sky TV, Love Hotel, Pizza Hut, BP and more. 

Now, he is spending time expanding his catalog and collaborating with other successful sync artists who are actively writing and pitching for placements.

SInce signing with UPPM, he has also found homes for his music with West One Music, Beats Fresh (NZ), 21 South, and Pink Shark Music. And, also has music represented by several sync agencies including Gravel Pit, Glow, and Koze. 

With all of this behind him, he is lazer focussed on developing his sync writing career further and building his network to meet more like-minded people who also light up about music. 

And, when he’s not writing, he loves to spend time with his family, read, cook, and get outdoors for walks and kayaking.


+64 21 554 708