The Sync Competition – Your tracks, their videos – submit, compete and win

The SyncSummit Hollywood Sync Competition is for registered attendees of SyncSummit Hollywood (to register, go here) designed to give artists, composers and rights holders of all types to sync their original compositions or tracks to videos provided by the Sync Competition Jury of music supervisors, who will then select the winners from all entries, with the announced after the event.

Here’s the rundown:

Q.  What is the Sync Competition and who can enter?

A. The Sync Competition allows registered Sync Summit Hollywood attendees to download videos that are submitted by top music supervisors and visual media execs in advertising, TV, film and video games, sync an original composition and/or an existing track to the video, upload it for evaluation by the Sync Summit Jury (more in them below), with the top videos chosen highlighted and recognized after the event.

The Sync Competition is open to all registered attendees participating in Sync Summit Hollywood. To register, go here

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a password for the download/upload areas to enter the contest

Q.  Who’s Judging this contest?

A. The Jury is composed of prominent music supervisors and executives across the global media industries: advertising, film, television and interactive.

The Jury Members will be announced shortly.

Q.  So what’s my reward for doing this?

A. While there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll get a sync if you win, if you submit, and your submission is good, you’re on the radar of the top people in the sync business.  And if you’re a winner, you’ll get the accolades and attention of the entire sync business and people will know you’re a go to person, composer or company.

It is an amazing way to get noticed by some of the top people in the industry.

Q.  So how do I get Started?

A.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for the Sync Summit, then email for your password

  2. You will be provided a password and link to follow.  From there just follow the steps to download and upload videos.

  3. Download the videos and pay attention to the brief.

  4. Upload the videos to the secure upload link that you’ll be provided.

That’s it – we’ll announce the top two for each video category the week before the event, and then present the winners after the event.

Good luck!