Laureen is the founder of the Laureen Flynn Smith Collective, a large collection of creatives from LA to Nashville—most specifically over 50 artists and writers with over 30 producers who specialize in one stop, easy clear sync. She is a songwriter with an ability to write songs connecting to audiences in an authentic way. Perhaps best represented by her Olivia Newton John cut co-written with gifted writer Beth Nielsen Chapman, her songs have touched lives internationally. She has an extensive array of core co-write relationships including Grammy Award winners and Hall of Fame pro writers and producers. As a Friend of the Guild of Music Supervisors, member of Big Noise Sound Revolver Jess Furman’s sync edge group, Durango Songwriter’s expo attendee, veteran of sync summits, and graduate of the master music licensing masterclass, Laureen owns her own publishing and is knowledgeable in licensing contracts. Having songs in libraries, with music supervisors and sync agents, she is professional and writes directly with new up and coming artists and fresh producers as well as veteran artists. Her catalog offers Pop, Americana, Indie, and Singer/songwriter music for tv, ads, film, and game placements to meet the needs of music supervisors. Laureen has artist cuts in Pop, Indie, Americana, Country and Christian genres. Feel free to reach out with comments or questions and contact her directly at





Olivia Newton John “IMPOSSIBLE” written by Beth Nielsen Chapman, Laureen Smith Ignasi Blanch, famed Barcelona illustrator, provides the artwork for this video. 

My Indie sync artist friend who has over 7 million views and recently heard on All American is Christine Parker. Heard here performing “Treading Water” written by Christine Parker, Laureen Smith and a preview of “Burning Bridge” due out on January 28th also written by Christine Parker and Laureen Smith.

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