Mark has over 25 years of international business experience with the likes of Ericsson & PwC, Mark is now bringing this experience to bear with Music Video community. He has strong views on video, advertising, audience insights and the future of monetizing rich video content. 

Evolving music videos

ViKTRS is a Smart Music Video platform that enables audiences, through elegant interaction within the video to discover, collect, share and shop anything they desire. Our mission is to unlock the dormant value of data and eCom currently in music videos and deliver this back to the musicians and communities that make it.

Artists and the music ecosystem as main beneficiaries

I do see ViKTRS as a platform with artists and their communities are at its core. There will be the potential for new revenue and value from multiple sources through the generation of huge metadata, eCommerce, new ‘in-video stream’ advertising capabilities in addition to the generation of chart credits.

The overall objective is to unleash the true potential $$$ of music videos that are currently not being realised by existing technologies, business models and streaming platforms.

Don’t do it! (best said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger acent)

Many have told Mark “don’t bother mate, that’s too hard!” …  but who has ever listened to that advice. Mark is joining the SyncSummit to share his views on video, digital and the value of data, make some friend (hopefully not enemies) and connect with artists ahead of ViKTRS soft launch in Q1 2021.