With her powerful and emotive vocals, Masha Alexis fuses elements of rock, classical, and blues, to create music that is both provocative, and captivating; topped with the sultry and soulful sounds of saxophone and trumpet.

With artist inspirations such as Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, and Portishead, as well as groups like Florence and the Machine, No Doubt, and Metric, Masha makes music that is deep, politically charged and soulful with a sultry edge, tackling issues from women’s rights to climate change.

“My music is all about telling a story and taking the listener on a journey with me. I truly believe that music, real music, has the power to change the world. If it’s honest…whether it’s raw vulnerability, childlike innocence and wonder, or a passionate lustful rage. When the music is true, it just feels right.”

Originally from Baltimore, it was her extensive training in choral music at the Peabody Conservatory, Russian liturgical music, and operatic vocals during her college years mashed with her time as a professional dancer that brought Alexis to LA, where she rediscovered her musical roots. In what she calls a “life-changing moment”, Alexis was afforded the chance to work with producer extraordinaire, Anthony Marinelli, which pole vaulted her professional career in contemporary music.

She is currently working as a songwriter, singer, pianist, backup vocalist, dancer, and front woman for an indie alt rock band Masha and the Fam.