Based in Montreal, Maze is a singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer who started music driven by an old passion for videography. Her unique sound and hypnotizing universe has landed her placements on Samsung, Netflix, BBC, Noovo and more. She also writes and produces for other artists and is now mastering the art of mixing and working in a studio. In addition, she edits all of her music videos as she was once a freelancer in the video industry. This year, Maze had the support of the CALQ and Sirius XM and collaborated with High Klassified and Loop session as a producer, and was nominated in the top 10 of the producer TRAKGIRL in collaboration with Aiaiai audio. Completely independent, Maze has slowly made a name for herself in the local Montreal music scene with her dark and mysterious persona and her mix of alternative and electro-pop music featuring elements of hip-hop, trip-hop and cinematic sounds.


(514) 839-7124