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MusicBox is a staunch Independent that represents top line music catalogs from around the world. We are committed to quality content, excellent personalized customer service and leading-edge technology. Our unique catalogs offer a wide range of musical styles servicing all media market segments and produce hundreds of new releases every quarter.

4 ways our service is music to your ears

Search. Our search is uber fast, intuitive and accessible across all platforms and file formats. Search by mood or genre. Custom configure or pre set for speedy delivery. You can even let this highly sophisticated system recognize your search and offer suggestions. All of which means you’ll find the perfect track in a perfectly easy way.

Service. Every high tech search is accompanied by a high touch human element. Think of us as your music concierge. Clients can connect to our licensing team in one click, by phone, Skype or email.

Fulfillment. If finding the song is easy, then having it delivered is just as efficient. Whether it’s clearance or paperwork, we take care of all the details in an organized fashion. The service is uniquely personalized, just as you’d like it.

e-Commerce. Cutting edge technology and human support means there’s no more efficient way to get music. You can search online 24/7 via a state of the art automated system – and, should you decide, talk live with a knowledgeable person too. It’s totally fast. It’s totally secure.

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