NEW YORK, USA // Mark Frieser is a CLio-winning, internationally recognized figure at the intersection of music, technology, business, branding, advertising and entertainment. With a diverse background and extensive expertise in music licensing, sync placements, international business, and more, Mark has established himself as a leading authority in the industry.

As the founder and CEO of Disconic, a pioneering music licensing platform, Mark has revolutionized the way music is discovered, licensed, and synchronized across various media platforms. Disconic’s innovative approach has empowered artists, labels, and content creators to connect and collaborate seamlessly, opening up new avenues for revenue generation and artistic exposure.

In addition to Disconic, Mark is the creator of Sync Summit, a globally renowned conference that brings together industry professionals to discuss the latest trends and strategies in music synchronization. Sync Summit has become a pivotal platform for networking, deal-making, and fostering creative partnerships, attracting top-tier professionals from the fields of music, advertising, film, television, and more.

Mark’s extensive experience in international business and entertainment has spanned over two decades. He has worked with major companies and influential individuals across the globe, providing strategic guidance and fostering collaboration between diverse stakeholders. His deep understanding of cultural nuances and business practices has facilitated successful ventures and partnerships in various markets worldwide.

Recognizing the power of music as a transformative force, Mark has played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the music and advertising industries. Through his work in music supervision and licensing for advertising campaigns, he has enabled brands to create impactful and emotionally resonant connections with their audiences. Mark’s keen sense of creativity and business acumen has resulted in countless successful campaigns that leverage the power of music to enhance brand messaging.

Mark’s expertise extends beyond the realms of music and advertising. He has been at the forefront of technological advancements, embracing innovation to drive change within the industry. His deep involvement in the intersection of music and technology has allowed him to identify emerging trends and implement cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the entertainment landscape.

As an avid advocate for education, Mark has shared his knowledge and insights through various speaking engagements, workshops, and mentorship programs. He has empowered aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and industry professionals to navigate the complex terrain of the music and entertainment industries, equipping them with the tools and guidance necessary to succeed in their respective fields.

Mark Frieser’s multifaceted career and unparalleled expertise have positioned him as a true visionary and thought leader. Through his groundbreaking initiatives, strategic partnerships, and commitment to advancing the realms of music, technology, business, and education, Mark continues to shape and redefine the future of the entertainment industry.