Monsterboy Lives is a husband and wife music project straight out of the delta south. By pairing traditional instruments with rock and EDM elements, their brand of alt-blues-pop resonates with the “music misfit” and “band nerd” in us all. The chemistry between the members lies at the heart of their songs, a musical love story that captivates listeners. Veronica brings saxophones, drum pads, and tribal percussion to Chris’s affinity to traditional rock and roll instrumentation. Resulting in fresh pop creations featuring the likes of 1920’s Conn Bass Saxophone, kalimba, and grunge guitars with bluesy vocals, EDM synths, and hip hop beats.

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video links: Aint Worth the Dime

My Heart

End of the World

Calamity Drive

Wild Horses Cover

Songs to highlight:

Contact: Veronica Wirges,, 501-626-4545