Music Gateway is a b2b business platform connecting people from the creative industries to work together through projects. Both grass-roots talent and seasoned pros use the platform to work globally. The variety of projects that can be worked on through Music Gateway is vast including Collaborations, Sync, Remixes and A&R. The unique project Workspace area for each project provides all of the needed tools to work remotely, communicate and exchange files and timeline feedback on audio and video.

Quite simply, Music Gateway is a unique groundbreaking service that is designed to pull together the very best creative aspects of the industry into one place.

The company’s most recent development, the Private Network, was released at the end of 2014 and is the first Creative Project Management solution developed for the needs of the Music Industry. With founding members including Notting Hill Publishing and Island Records Dance, the Private Network provides the tools and functionality needed for managing any type of creative industry network, from small independent businesses through to larger scale companies.