Artist & Songwriter Nancy Scimone ~ Service, Imagination and Efficiency

Give me your vision, I will return it to you with sound.

Music reveals and kindles desire.  I like to write music that stirs this desire.

Melodies and textures that spark interest and delight.  Lively or laidback, spirited or tender, I create music that resonates a message.  

As performing artist and storyteller, I’ve toured throughout North America, from New York City to San Francisco, through Midwest farming communities, and in the South with my original music. Through all our regional differences, our commonality of humanness shines. 

I believe in music as a catalyst for positive change, to give the world a glimpse of hope and beauty, to elevate, and to unite.

Wherever in the world you and your organization call home, it would be my honor and privilege to collaborate with you and to serve you with instrumental and vocal music.

Let’s Talk or Zoom:  +1 571-232-1873

I reside in Northern Virginia, USA, in the same time zone as New York City


DISCO Playlist Sync Summit Sampler:

As vocalist: English, French and Italian.