Nicklaus Rauch is an Atlanta based producer, engineer, composer and owner of R.T. Crowne Records. Nicklaus started his musical journey as a producer and engineer and has evolved into running a label that is focused on creating one stop shop content for sync. Nick’s team works with a wide array of different artists from not only the United States but with artists from Ghana, Belgium, Canada and the United Kingdom. The team at R.T. Crowne Records works with many different musical genres and styles such as pop, hip-hop, pop rock and RnB. They have created an amazing one stop shop / easy clear catalogue of songs available for sync licensing.

Nicklaus and his team have licensed music for film and television for projects such as Grand Crew (2022), The Fight for Haiti’s Diaspora – A Conversation With Jerry Tardieu (2021), Thick Skin (2020) and Chasing the Sound: Major Lazer (2020). They have also composed for the film In Memory Of (2021).