Rosemarie Records is a Montreal-based record label and music publisher, management firm and entertainment agency that has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. Through its expertise with emerging artists, and thanks to its constant search for innovation opportunities, Rosemarie Records has carved out an increasingly interesting place for itself in Quebec’s cultural sphere.

With a mission to support the creators in all aspects of their careers, Rosemarie Records is currently working with artists such as: Damoizeaux, Dance Laury Dance, Désirée, Joseph Edgar, Léa Jarry, Marco Ema, Miro, Passion Poire, Pierre Guitard, Rick et Les Bons Moments, San James, Simon Lachance, Simon Leoza and Soraï.

Most of our work and record catalog is one-stop, making it easier for music supervisors to clear and license music. Although the label was created in the summer of 2017, the company has also existed since 2005 under the name of Kay Productions, also responsible for many special events. All the activities related to the artists represented are now gathered under the banner Rosemarie Records, a division of Kay Productions, which also manages the ePasslive ticket office, developing digital markets and technological solutions for music and event producers.

Bringing original ideas and major innovations to its projects each year, the influence of Rosemarie Records continued to grow to make it a recognized and respected player in Quebec’s music industry.