Since 1990, Machiavelli Music has been a beacon in the world of professional music licensing. Our creative journey spans cinema, advertising, communication, television, radio, web, multimedia publishing, and events. Our mission? To turn every challenge related to the use of music in these areas into a brilliant solution.

We handle the art and science of music licensing: from creating and selecting the perfect music tracks to navigating the complex waters of contracts, relations with author and publisher societies, and negotiating rights at an international level. With an exclusive repertoire of over a million tracks administered across various genres and musical styles, Machiavelli Music is your ideal partner for every type of production.

Our online platform offers a cutting-edge music search engine, allowing users to explore and download all the tracks from our extensive repertoire via the web. Our clients? A mosaic of talents: directors, editors, creatives, documentary makers, TV, cinema, and radio producers, advertising agencies, audio and video post-production studios, television broadcasters, multimedia publishers, museums, companies, web agencies, and mobile operators.
Machiavelli Music is the choice for those who consider music a fundamental and distinctive element for the success of a creative project. With an eye always on originality and quality, we offer diversified solutions to meet the market’s heterogeneity. Our promise? A complete and professional service, protecting you from any legal issues. Your vision, our music: together, we create harmony.