Qwire helps everyone involved with music and picture work better together.  It was built by industry insiders, including award-winning composers, music editors, music supervisors, and picture editors.  Qwire improves workflow, from inception to delivery, for people involved in creating, recording, manipulating, placing, project managing, licensing, clearing, delivering, administering, and budgeting for music in films and TV series.  Qwire has been used on major television series and films, including Casual (Hulu), Once Upon A Time (ABC), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Parenthood (NBC), About A Boy (NBC), and many others.

Qwire’s cloud-based platform includes features designed to streamline every aspect of music post production.  The software encourages collaboration and sharing of jointly-used data among creatives and the studio while using secure encryption to keep each user’s sensitive information safe.  An integrated audio/video player allows a composer or music supervisor to create playlists of music alternatives synced to video, securely share these playlists with directors and other decision makers, and exchange comments.  No longer do people need to spend time creating Quicktimes, preparing different mixes with various volume levels, or worrying about the security of sending sensitive video across the Web.  Qwire can also be used to share music cues and scene information, timecode, spotting notes, and much more.  Qwire can also automate the preparation and filing of continuity reports, quote requests, and cue sheets.