Ricki Askin HeadshotRicki Askin is the Music Supervisor for VICE Media, clearing music for VICE’s online verticals including Vice.com, Noisey, The Creators Project, Fightland and newly launched electronic dance music channel, THUMP. Ricki most recently Music Supervised VICE Films’ critically acclaimed feature documentary, “Reincarnated,” starring legendary hip-hop and entertainment icon Snoop Dogg, as well as the Emmy-nominated HBO news-magazine series “VICE.” 

In addition, Ricki pitches and places talent for VICE’s performances, programming and events as well as for various brand partnership opportunities in conjunction to VICE’s VIRTUE department – a full service agency that pairs brands with VICE’s production expertise and style.

Prior to joining the VICE family in early 2011, Ricki served as a Music Supervisor within MTV’s News & Docs Department, contributing to popular shows like “Cribs,” “True Life,” “My Super Sweet 16” and “My Life as Liz.”

Ricki began her career in Entertainment PR within the MTV Communications department, covering shows like “The Real World,” “The Hills” and “Making the Band” and contributing to the press attendance and coverage of MTV’s flagship events, The MTV Video Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards.

Ricki graduated From Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a Major in Communication and a Minor in English.