Hard work and believing in yourself are cornerstones to accomplishing your dreams. There’s no age limit to starting your life and pursuing the dreams you’ve always had for yourself. Life is short, use the time you have here to do what will make you happy,” – Renée Ruth.

Do you feel like you’ve put your life goals on the back burner? That the pursuit of an honest living has seemingly created roadblocks to the dreams you’ve always had for your life? To quote one of Renee Ruth’s songs “Chasing Butterflies,” “life gets in the way” when bills, family, responsibilities settle in and we feel obligated to pursue a career where we feel secure and financially stable. So many of us don’t know how to take the leap from day to day and pursue our dreams, even when we know it’s exactly what we’ve always wanted to do.

Renee Ruth’s story is one from obligation to dream chasing and what it took her to scale her life from ordinary to extraordinary. This is the story of a former University professor turned successful real estate agent and musician who has become an inspiration for anyone looking for a way to break out of their everyday lives and make their dreams a reality – in this case, the dream to be a singer/songwriter.

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