Here’s a few current sales we’re having on our events and memberships here at Sync Summit:

$199 Sale On All Sync Summit Events.
We’re lowering the price to attend any of our upcoming events in Nashville (May), NYC (June), Tokyo (November) and LA (December) from $499 to $199.  We’ve never sold tickets at a rate this low, and probably won’t again – but right now, it helps you and helps us. And if any of them are postponed, we’ll still hold an online version of each event, and your ticket will be valid for attending in person on the new date.

Click here if you want to take advantage of this one-time sale.

Annual Membership Sale – $1000 off:
If you want to attend every event we hold in the coming 12 months, online or off, and get some personal consulting from us to boot, consider signing up for our all-in Annual membership.  Usually, our annual memberships cost $2500, but right now, we’re selling it for $1500 – a phenomenal deal based on the benefits you receive.

Click this link to learn more and sign up.

Upcoming Sync Listening Sessions:
These are and will always be online – you never have to travel to take part – and we have some great ones coming up where you can speak directly with a music supervisor and they’ll listen to and evaluate your music for sync projects. Here’s the current schedule with links to sign up:

In addition to this one-on-one time with a music supervisor, you’ll get access to a community of like-minded composers and artists, our /slack channel, get a video archive of the session and get to share an additional five songs with our guest after the event.