The artists signed with Bad Apples will be charged with independence and self-determination; they must be accountable to themselves, their families and their community, before anything else. Bad Apples will work with each artist to create, produce, record and release new music

The label empowers of the roster including, Nooky, Birdz, Philly and A.B Original to create new music, to tell their story, and to be the best artists they can be. The artists are mentored artistically and professionally, have access to the best producers, and be given pathways and opportunities to exceed within the national and international music markets.

The structure of Bad Apples Music is lead and driven by Briggs with the support of a small management team, selected producers, and industry heavyweights, all working with the labels roster and with developing emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists around the country. The development of emerging artists is at the core of the labels work, to genuinely nurture excellence within the industry from the ground up.

Briggs mentors the artists artistically and professionally, as they each create their music. Once the artists have created their new music, Bad Apples provides the financial commitment for the release including production, duplication, publicity, film clip, distribution etc. While Briggs guides the artists, each artist will be accountable for their artistic vision, telling their story, as they want it to be told.

The releases are propel the artists into the mainstream music industry – a feat that previously seemed impenetrable to many emerging Indigenous artists for a multitude of reasons.

Bad Apples Music creates new platforms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and performers to showcase their artistry; opening fresh perceptions to audiences young and old. The excellent level of production and the professionalism of the artists will allow each of them to shine personally and professionally within the industry. They will create new works to rival the greatest, while being supported by their community and the label.

Bad Apples Music is based at Kindred Studios, Footscray

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