As Account Director at Music Dealers, Samantha Parvin serves as a direct link between the content creators at the world’s biggest brands and the emerging artists of the Music Dealers artist community.

Sam manages the relationship with Music Dealers’ strategic partner, The Coca-Cola Company, and provides music solutions for their marketing and creative campaigns. Sam’s team has worked on over 300 projects with The Coca-Cola Company, and Sam has earned well over half a million dollars for emerging artists through music licensing, custom music, live activations, and more. Music Dealers artists’ songs have aired in over 150 countries worldwide in campaigns for more than 25 Coca-Cola brands.

Samantha’s career in the music industry began as a student in the Arts Management program at The College of Charleston, where she managed many large-scale music events. She then worked for Piccolo Spoleto Festival, one of the largest international arts festivals in the country, in marketing for music festivals, and then at Doppler recording studio in Atlanta. Her expertise in music, marketing, and storytelling drew Samantha to the Music Dealers and the Coca-Cola teams in Atlanta in 2012.

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Nominee For: Best Original Music in an Ad