Lola Parks is an award-winning Soul Folk Pop artist with a mission to achieve cultural brokerage through voice and song. Lola sings with an honesty that inspires her audience to dig deeper and share a genuine connection across diverse barriers. Through a steady stream of original content, Lola’s dangerous lyrics and seductive voice compel listeners of all ages to move closer, in hopes of capturing every note and word.

Lola (aka singer-songwriter Sandy Powlik) is a skillful and intelligent songwriter, deeply influenced by her mixed heritage while staying true to her jazz roots. Her style is intimate, evocative, boho chic ALA Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones.

2023 releases “All This Time (Pushing Love Away mix), “Freight Train (Mother Hubbard mix),” and “You Are the Best,” speak to family dynamics, truth and reconciliation and female empowerment. Parks describes 2022 singles “You Are Light (Lynne’s Song),” a tribute to Parks’ mama, “It’ll Be All Right,” on loss of life due to overdose or suicide, and “Never Alone” as “Somber yet hopeful, carrying on with resilience and acceptance.”

2020 album No Apologies features singles, “Dreamer” and two-time ISC semi-finalist “Freight Train”. “No Apologies encourages us to own all of who we are, stand strong in our roots and our right to be,” explains Parks, “And speaks to female empowerment, forgiveness and celebrating where we come from.”

Parks’ fiercely independent musical history includes: 45-song One Stop catalogue, 5 studio recordings; 5 continents, 5 singles (in the last year), awards (Female Songwriter of the Year, Outstanding Vocal Jazz Musician), tours, TV/film/radio syncs (Fox/Lionsgate, Mutant Films, CBC Early Edition theme song) & signings (MFE, Sentric, Songtradr, AM Licensing). Stay tuned for new music, including Latin Spanish tunes – soon!


+1-250-885-7350 (May-Nov)

+52-669-255-8404 (Nov-May)