Scott Barrier, a multi-genre commercial songwriter from Nashville, TN, co-writes with up and coming artists and songwriters, and other pro-writers, in various styles of music and on many sync projects. Scott continually pitches his songs and his efforts have resulted in over 70 of his songs being recorded by artists, including the following singles:

1. “Lone Wolf” (2022) – Alayna

2. “Like Grace” (2022) – Jamie Trent

3. “It’s A Maryland Thing” (2022) – Jimmy Charles

4. “My Kinda People” (2021)– Meagan Allen, AJ Raggs

5. “Falling” (2021) – Camden West

6. “Making Babies” (2021) – Alayna

7. “Best Friend” (2020) – Allie Colleen

8. “Hunting Season” (2020) – Dallas Remington

As well as sync placements:

1. “The Gift Of Christmas” – Movie: “Shoelaces For Christmas”

2. “The Gift Of Christmas” – Movie: “The Santa Box”

3. “Merry Christmas With You” – Prime Time TV: “Moody’s Christmas on FOX” 

Scott’s current main focus it to write and pitch more music for sync opportunities, and build relationships with supervisors and others who are involved in the sync market.


(615) 944-3481