Stella Prince photo

Stella Prince is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter, who enjoys sharing her original folk music to a multi-generational audience. She currently resides in New York and is frequently in Nashville. Stella has performed in such venues as Nashville’s The Bluebird Cafe, Pig N’ Whistle in Los Angeles, Woodstock’s The Colony, The Falcon, Club Helsinki, and with the Hudson Valley Folk Guild. Stella’s music has been highly acclaimed in reviews by BuzzMusic and A+R Factory. “The maturity in Stella Prince’s talent transcends her age; probably by a fair few decades…Stella Prince’s vocals don’t just offer an extraordinary range and the ability to hit celestially high notes. There’s a true sense of authenticity and soul which is infused into her acoustic country folk-pop which will make sure that the New York-based artist doesn’t stay up and coming for all too long.” A + R Factory Blog, October 2019.

You can hear more of her music on SoundCloud, Instagram, or at