Described as one of the great 20th century American legends of Soul,Blues R&B and so much more. He is one of the great eccentric idiosyncratic and always entertaining characters of the music industry,with his raunchy,satirical,political and profane style,he does not fit tidy, into a category,min sheer music terms and with too

many credits to list ,’There is no one like him’..

Started as little Jerry Williams,recorded his first single at the age of 12.Rebranded himself as “Swamp Dogg” in the 70s.

The first black in house Producer/Innovator in a major record label and eventually fired himself because he felt he didn’t fit!.Very opinionated,but also very artistic Songwriter.

A native from Virginia,typical quiet gentleman,but when he speaks, everybody listens.

Swamp has a great sense of humor and wit,along with his genuine heart for music and of course, his great talents.

He really loves producing talent,to bring their own signature to the table.

He has his own record label S.D.E.G.Records (Swamp Dogg Entertainment Group)with the help of his co -producer/arranger MoogStar,these guys

never stop working! Hot new projects, as we speak and if you name them, Swamp has probably worked with them. .. From music, Film, commercials and video games.