Designed and Instructed by Music Supervisor Patricia Carrera and Sync Agent/Supervisor//Sync Summit Founder Mark Frieser

Whether you’re a musician, sync agent, publisher, label owner, artist manager, producer or aspiring music supervisor, you already know that getting your music licensed for usage in for visual or interactive media in TV, film, trailers, podcasts, video and online games, social media, ads, directly with brands and for mobile platforms is vital to your success in the music industry.

Getting your music licensed will not only provide you with new revenue from the music you make or manage, it can also lead to your music reaching a wider audience of new fans, with new opportunities for sales from live events, streams, merchandise and every other aspect of your career.

And with the explosion of films, shows, games, apps, social media content and ads being created throughout the world by everyone from major streaming networks to brands, agencies, developers and individual creators, there’s more opportunities for your music to get licensed and used in projects than ever before, and those opportunities will continue to grow.

All well and good, but with all of that said, what do you need to do to rise above all the people who are already working in or trying to break through in licensing and composing music for media? 

You need talent of course, talent to make music and to curate music, but the real success stories in today’s sync industry are the ones that combine that talent with the contacts, tools and knowledge of best industry practices, then apply this understanding and these resources to their approach to sync.

And providing you with the tools, contacts and knowledge to be successful in getting your music synced is the reason we created the Sync U Course.

The Sync U Course is a comprehensive, immersive, interactive and personalized ten-week course that focuses on best practices in music production, personal presentation of your music in email and in person, metadata, research of key music licensing and sync decision makers, the legalities and processes in licensing a song for sync, usage of sync-specific technologies, collaboration, composition and how to leverage a sync to increase your fan base and overall sales.

Additionally, the course includes four group listening sessions from key music supervisors from across the industry that will provide you with real time feedback on your music and they’ll share briefs from their projects.

The Sync U Course includes:

  • Seven two-hour online classes focusing on all vital aspects of the industry (detailed below)
  • Access to music supervisor briefs (one per week) for you to respond to in real time, with separate briefs provided to you for ads, film, TV, trailers, games, apps and promos.
  • Feedback on your responses to briefs so you can refine your approach for success.
  • Videos and real-time online chats to answer specific questions about aspects of the industry and the work you do as part of this course.
  • Four online listening and feedback sessions where we gather groups of music supervisors from games, trailers, TV, Film, ads and other sectors of the industry who you will meet, present your music to and get real-time feedback from them based on  briefs they will provide you and the overall needs of their projects.
  • A walk through on how to find and engage with sync reps and production libraries.
  • A focus on creating and pitching cover tracks.
  • One-on-one consultations with Paty and Mark on metadata and presentation of your music.
  • Surprise pop-up conversations and sessions with industry professionals.
  • Documentation and templates, including, term cue sheets, quote requests, split sheets, licensing agreements and email templates.
  • A glossary of industry terms.
  • A step-by-step deal process sheet.
  • A list resources for researching projects, sync agents and production libraries.
  • A guide to storage, metadata and mastering services and technology.
  • A video archive of all classes and listening sessions.

After completing the Sync U Course, you’ll have all the tools, understanding and knowledge you need to succeed in the business of music for media. And we’ll be there alongside you every step of the way.  Each week includes one-on-one consultation, group chats, video instruction and documentation for you to use in your lesson plans.

Here’s a rundown of the overall lesson plan:

Lesson 1: The music and media marketplace.  What is the sync market?  Who are the players you need to know and deal with and why? How can you be successful in making and licensing music for every form of media? And how do you present yourself to music supervisors? You’ll get your first brief to submit to, and we’ll follow up with feedback, consultation and present you with feedback and results in week two. 

Lesson 2: Tools of the trade – tech, storage, metadata, mastering and mixing. In this week, we’ll focus on metadata and cover all the tools you need to use and how to effectively employ them – from going over storage options to properly filling out metadata sets to ways to properly mix and master your music. And of course a new brief.

Lesson 3: Listening, Research and Development. You send us your music and we listen to it, then we evaluate it for sync. Both covers and originals, and we’ll focus on best practices in creation and submission. And we’ll give you a details list of ways you can research projects and people and best pitching methods. And of course another brief.

Lesson 4: The business of the business. In this session, we’ll do a deep dive into the process and the business of music licensing and composition. We’ll discuss with you and go through with you all the documentation you need to successfully complete when doing a deal including cue sheets, split sheets, licensing agreements, quote requests and more. We’ll discuss PROs, labels, publishers and how they can be of service to you. We’ll also include a glossary of industry terms and go through with you all, and of course provide you with a brief.

Lesson 5: Allies in Sync – sync agents and production libraries. Who are the sync agents, the production libraries, what do they do, what they don’t do, and how can you best work with them? What area the good deals versus bad, and what should your short term and long term working relationship be with these companies, and we’ll share with you a third brief.

Lesson 6: Role Reversal – you be the music supervisor. This week, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat so you can learn best practices from a music supervisor’s perspective – you’ll write a brief based on guidance that we give you from a clip we provide – Paty and I will act as producer and director, and put you through your paces in making a sync happen.

Final Lesson 7: After The Sync. In this final class, we’ll focus on how you can leverage a sync to grow audience and sales, then take answer any last questions you have on any aspects of the course, and the industry in general.

And in addition to the lessons above, we’ll schedule the four online listening sessions with panels of music supervisors, one-on-one consultations and pop-up sessions with industry leaders as well.

The Sync U Course starts on April 1 and will take place each week for 10 weeks from 12PM ET – 2PM ET. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 30 students to endure we can provide personalized assistance to each person in the class.

Early registration for Sync U is open, and until March 5, 2023, the cost for enrollment is reduced from $999 to $699. This price includes all the benefits listed above. After this date, the price rises to $999. To Register now, click the button below: