Sync U:  A Comprehensive, Immersive 17-Week Program Designed to Provide you With the Connections and Knowledge You Need To Sync Your Music In Visual and Interactive Media.

The Sync Class is a comprehensive 17 week class designed and taught by Music Supervisor Paty Carrera and Sync Summit Founder and Sync Agent Mark Frieser.

  • We’ve designed this course to give you all the information you need and direct connections with over 10 music supervisors over the 17 week class.This includes:
  • Seven weeks of two-hour classes on all aspects of sync: creative, production, metadata, pitching research, emails, contracts, negotiation, creating a contact list, capitalising on syncs after you get one and QA sessions.  
  • Office hours – both one on one and in group chat.
  • Pop-up Conversations and tutorials.
  • Ten separate listening sessions where Music Supervisors and Sync Agents will share briefs and listen to music from students, including conversations with:
    • Trailer Music Supervisor Toddrick Spalding
    • Ad Music Supervisor Sophie Urquhart
    • Ad and Brand Music Supervisor Samantha Parvin
    • Sync Agent Tamara Bubble
    • Sync Agent Mark Garfield
    • Music Supervisor Hector Vasquez
    • Music Supervisor Gimena Barcenas
    • Music Supervisor Gary Calamar

      And three more to be announced.

  • Documentation including contracts, templates, spreadsheets for you to organise your sync practice.

If you want to sign up for Sync U, you can do so at the standard rate of $1500. That’s less than $90 per class.

To sign up for this rate, use the form below: