Music Supervisor Patricia Carrera and Sync Summit Founder and CEO have partnered to create a whole new, interactive, comprehensive Sync Class Called Sync You that’s designed to give you the information, contacts and knowledge you need to build a successful sync practice.

Sync You is a 17 week course that combined seven full weeks of lessons with 10 individual listening sessions with live briefs featuring top music supervisors and sync agents.  Topics the class will cover include:

Class I:  Introduction to sync.  The market, the needs of music supervisors, the people on a production that touch ,music, split sheets, registration of works, representation of rights.

Class II: Production, creative, mixing, mastering, TV mixes, 30 second versions, stems and creative direction.

Class III: Metadata.  What is it?  Why is it important?  How do you make it work?  A detailed overview. 

Class IV:  Pitching.  Research, playlist curation sync agents, publishers, storage and presentation software, EPKs, follow up tips. Pitching for awareness versus for targeted pitching.

Class V:  The contractual process, budgeting, terms, business practices and processes.

Class VI: Capitalization of sync to create and retain audience and generate revenue.

 Class VII:  Question/Answer Session and review of homework.

And that is just the beginning – we’ll be there to personally help you throughout all the briefs, lessons, documentation and questions that come up during the class.

The cost to join the Sync Class is at the 1/2 off rate $999 until Friday, December 3rd.  After that date, the price rises to $2000.  If you want to join me, Paty and all the guests and music supervisors that will take part, use the form below to sign up.