Attendee Testimonials

Here’s some feedback from our Paris event:

  • It was amazing! Thank you very much!! I really enjoyed the days in Paris.
    •  Head of Music, Major Studio
  • Thanks again for including me in the Sync Summit I think it was very successful.
    • Music Supervisor
  • Sync Summit went well, a very positive experience. This was quite different from the other music conferences like Eurosonic; different people, different topics.
    • Major Publisher
  • Thanks again for the invite – it was a very informative 2 days and I’ve definitely made many great connections.
    • Major Artist
  • I just want to thank you on a personal level. The thing you are doing is so important for all of us and our industry.
    • Danish Music Supervisor
  • I just wanted to thank you for this fruitful, interesting, rich and well-organized summit. It was a pleasure meeting so many great and approachable people. Bravo pour votre travail formidable, I’ll definitely be part of summit next year ! 😉
    • European Publisher
  • Thanks a lot to you! We had a fantastic time, full of great meetings and very interesting discussions.
    • European SonyATV Executive

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