Anton_Trailer_9717_WEB_READY_72dpi_1500px_sRGBWith offices in London and Sydney we offer a variety of media based services from music supervision and composition to artist management and brand and music PR consultancy.

The music supervision/music search arm services and delivers existing music to advertising agencies, production companies, creatives and directors. Music sourced from the extended Trailer Media network in the UK, Europe, The Americas and Australasia. Our contact base and relations with record labels, managers, artists and publishers has been long established through our reputation within the sync market; the UK PR arm and over 20 years of independent music associations. The supervision arm sources music for television commercials, film documentaries and films.

Our reputation allows us to broker affordable deals for clients whilst gaining good exposure for artists, bands and labels in the relevant territories.

The burgeoning music composition arm represents a roster of some of the most talented and musically diverse composers from Europe, North America and Australasia as you can see in the reel. All our writers execute bespoke compositions and sound design to picture. Trailer oversees the production of each composition across all campaigns.

We consult on music PR and brand campaigning in the UK and Australia. Record labels such as Skint and Finger Lickin in the UK; ESL Music and Om Records in the US and Compost and Discograph in Europe have all featured on the music PR roster. Whilst brands such as Equmen and Image Brief and personalities such as Sky TV’s Charlotte Jackson and graffiti artists Mau Mau and Roughe have all been campaigned across various PR and social media platforms.

The management arm looks after artist/producer Son Of Kick worldwide.