Little Rock AR – Husband and wife multi-instrumental duo who charm audiences one stage at a time. Their music fills the space between indie pop and alternative blues rock, combining old instrumentation with new production elements. As straight-passing members of the LGBT+ community, they find themselves with a foot in two worlds. Their work is centered around the journey of finding happiness and truth in a world clinging to labels. Their music speaks to hopeless romantics, band nerds, and creative spirits.

Veronica feels a kinship with the quirkiness and sonic complexity of antique instruments, such as a 100-year-old 5-ft-tall bass saxophone and a 1930s Silvertone Accordion. While Chris harnesses the warmth of vintage keys and guitars from the 1960s-1990s. By integrating these iconic sounds with the modern-day intermingling of genres, world percussion, and found sound samples for beat making, they create their signature vibe.


(501) 626-4545