Sync Summit’s gone virtual this year and we’ll have an all-online event with speakers, artists and connections from all over the world – bringing our LA, Tokyo, NY, Nashville and Berlin events together into one four-day virtual event. That means that regardless of where you are you’ll still get to network, to share your music, see product demos, participate in panels and keynotes and more, including:

The benefits you’ll get as a registrant are:

  • Real-time discussions where you can ask questions and get answers.
  • Set up of pitch sessions and meetings.
  • A personal EPK on the sync summit website.
  • Musical showcases.
  • In-depth workshops.
  • Our setting up of meetings on your behalf with speakers and sponsors.
  • Sharing of contact information from all participants after the event.
  • A video archive of the entire event.

And much more before, during and after the event.  Here’s the links to the current agenda:

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Here’s the initial list of speakers.  The agenda will be posted shortly and we’ll add more speakers daily:

Type Name Title Company
Speaker Alex Hancock Music Supervisor Alex Hancock Music
Speaker Amelia McCloskey Founder and CEO AM Licensing
Speaker Amira Gadd Songwriter Amira Gadd
Speaker Anna Kim Sync Agent Indie Synch House
Speaker Ariel Etbul Executive Coach Ariel Etbul
Speaker Barry Cole Music Supervisor Barry Cole Music
Speaker Ben Dorenfield Senior Music Producer Anomaly
Speaker Bryan Hinkley Executive Producer Gratitude Sound
Speaker Carolyn Owens Music Supervisor Music4Scenes
Speaker Celia Rose Co-founder/Sync Agent What Up Pitches
Speaker Chris Mollere Music Supervisor Fusion Music Supervison
Speaker Craig Webb Producer Dreams Behind The Music
Speaker Darice G CEO Synapse Publishing & Entertainment®, LLC
Speaker Darryl Ballantyne CEO LyricFind
Speaker Daryl Berg VP, Music Strategies and Licensing Crown Media (Hallmark)
Speaker David Ari Leon Music Supervisor Sound Mind Music
Speaker David Lasman Co-Founder Signature Tracks
Speaker Dawn Weisner-johnson Creative Director Take 2 Productions
Speaker Deborah Mannis-Gardner Founder DMG Clearances
Speaker Drew Silverstein CEO/Founder Amper (A Shutterstock Company)
Speaker Ed Hartman Composer and Producer 8th Sense Prodcutions
Speaker Eddie Caldwell CEO and Founder Music Of The Sea Publishing
Speaker Elvin Ross Composr/Producer/Director Elvin Ross Productions
Speaker Emil Hadji Panzov CEO Tripnotic/Filter Label
Speaker Emoni Matthews Co-Founder, President of Music Supervision and Creative Licensing Services Blaze United
Speaker Erik Bickler Film Composer, Recording Artist, Sound Engineer Flavorlab
Speaker Evan Buist Founder and Managing Director Melodie
Speaker Gary Calamar Music Supervisor/President GO! Music
Speaker Gary Earl Music Producer Gary Earl Productions
Speaker Gary Nuell Music Supervisor Neull Entertainment
Speaker Guy Erez Producer ScoreSongs
Speaker Hazel Savage CEO and Founder Muiiso
Speaker Hinako Sato Head Women In Music Japan
Speaker Howie Weinberg Mastering Engineer Howie Weinberg Mastering
Speaker Jalen James Co-Founder World Artists United
Speaker Jason Altshuler Founder/Music Supervisor/Producer Paintbox Music Group
Speaker Jason Kramer Music Supervisor/DJ KCRW
Speaker Jen Pearce CEO lowprofile
Speaker Jennfer Stilson head of Music National Geographic Partners (Walt Disney Television)
Speaker Jesse Felice Music Licensing and Sync Agency Art Ford Music Services
Speaker Jesse Josefsson Founder, Producer and CEO Sync My Music
Speaker Jessica Sobhraj CEO Cosynd
Speaker Jim Anderson Solutions Architect/Inventor Ex-Spotify, Various Tech Projects
Speaker Joan Pattarozzi Founder/Principal Pattarozzi & Co.
Speaker Joe Belloitti CEO and Founder Noisegate
Speaker Joel Feinberg CEO De Wolfe Music USA
Speaker Joel Thomas Jordan Founder and President Synchtank
Speaker Jonathan Higa Director Of Content Surf Music
Speaker Jonny Thompson President Universal Music Publishing Japan
Speaker Jordan Passman CEO Score a Score
Speaker Joshua Rabinowitz Founder Brooklyn Music Experience
Speaker Katrina Balcius Business Development Manager Disco
Speaker Kiara Lanier Music Artist Kiara Lanier
Speaker Kirt Debuque Founder, CEO and CTO Syncfloor
Speaker Koki Yamashita Group Manager, Content Development Coca-Cola Japan
Speaker Kumi Sato President and CEO Cosmo (Japan)
Speaker Lionel Lodge Founder and CEO SyncLodge
Speaker Lou Plaia Founder, EVP, Industry Relations ReverbNation
Speaker Luciana Pegorer Music Executive and Founder Trends Brasil International Conference
Speaker Mara Schwartz Kuge President/Founder Superior Music Publishing
Speaker Mariela Arredondo Co-Founder What Up Pitches
Speaker Mark Garfield GM, Co-Founder Pop-Up Music
Speaker Michael Hill Music Supervisor Independent
Speaker Michele Vice-Maslin Music Producer and President/Owner Sweetersongs
Speaker Michelle Shocked Artist Michelle Shocked
Speaker Mick Lloyd SVP, Licensing Entertainment One
Speaker Mike Turner Music Supervisor Mike Turner Music
Speaker Nanzeen Rahman Singer-Songwriter/Science Committee Chair Sarana Records/AstraZeneca
Speaker Nicole Churchill Director of Licensing and Music Supervision Assemble Sound
Speaker Patricia Carrera Music Supervisor Control Freaks Music SA de CV
Speaker Paul Wiltshire CEO Songtradr
Speaker Pei Pei Partner What Up Pitches
Speaker Priyanka Khimani Founder and Lead Partner anand & anand khimani
Speaker Rachel Karry Co-Founder World Artists United
Speaker Ralph Simon Founder and Chief Executive Mobilium Global
Speaker Randy Frisch Founder and CEO LoveCat Music
Speaker Rob McDermott Artist Manager Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven
Speaker Rob Schwartz Asia Correspondant Billboard Magazine
Speaker Robert Epistein Partner Cowan DeBaets Abahams & Sheppard LLP
Speaker Robert Singerman SVP, International LyricFind
Speaker Romero Mosley Music Coordinator APM Music
Speaker Rosie Howe Music Supervisor Straight Up Music Supervision
Speaker Roy Osherove Music Producer Oshro
Speaker Sally House CEO and Founder Yhe Hit House
Speaker Samantha Parvin Music Supervisor/Owner Parvin Music
Speaker Scott Dudley Creative Director PUSH Audio
Speaker Scott Velasquez Founder/Music Supervisor Frisson Sync
Speaker Sherry Orson Chief Creative Officer Star Vibe Music
Speaker Sophie Small COO Music Gateway
Speaker Sophie Urquhart MD & Music Supervisor Tin Drum Music
Speaker Steve Masur Partner MGA
Speaker Steve Scharf President Scharf Entertainment
Speaker Steven Rachel Creative Services Bopper
Speaker Tak Furuichi Senior Manager, International Marketing JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment Corp.
Speaker Tamara Bubble Founder For Goodness Sync
Speaker Ted Cohen CEO TAG Strategic
Speaker Toddrick Spalding VP, Music Mob Scene
Speaker Tom Callahan Founder and CEO Indie Advance
Speaker Ty Roberts CEO Fantracks Digital LLC
Speaker Wallace Collins Entertainment Lawyer Office of Wallace Collins
Speaker William Sullivan Composer/Producer/Music Supervision Sullytone Music
Speaker Woodie Stevenson Founder Pilot Business Services, LLC
Speaker Zachary Timm Music Supervisor Independent



Virtual Sync Summit is taking place from January 5-8, 2021 and registration is at the cost of $199. If you wish to register, simply fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you on all the details and next steps of your attendance.