Sync Summit’s gone virtual this year and we’ll have an all-online event with speakers, artists and connections from all over the world – bringing our LA, Tokyo, NY, Nashville and Berlin events together into one four-day virtual event. That means that regardless of where you are you’ll still get to network, to share your music, see product demos, participate in panels and keynotes and more, including:

The benefits you’ll get as a registrant are:

  • Real-time discussions where you can ask questions and get answers.
  • Set up of pitch sessions and meetings.
  • A personal EPK on the sync summit website.
  • Musical showcases.
  • In-depth workshops.
  • Our setting up of meetings on your behalf with speakers and sponsors.
  • Sharing of contact information from all participants after the event.
  • A video archive of the entire event.

And much more before, during and after the event.

Virtual Sync Summit is taking place from January 5-8, 2021 and registration is at the cost of $199. If you wish to register, simply fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you on all the details and next steps of your attendance.