Vladimir Philippov Bio

Born :  1/03/1968   in Perm , Russia   , Near  Ural’s Mountains

Fell in love with music at the age of  4  . Was singing all the time.

At the age of 6  went to the music school for class of violin .

Abba’s “Waterloo” and Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” were my first two favourite songs .

Absolutely unexpectedly for myself have became  obsessed with  gathering copyright Information for  records ,  at the age of 11.  Track listing, producer’s names,  label credits and so on , all that was accurately re-written into a note book for personal references.

Quite unusual habit for kid, but that was me .  I used to have an incredible memory in childhood and could have been tell you the track listing for any Deep Purple album  for example, including timing,  producer’s names, recording studios, etc..

Have made my first deal  at the age of 14, both  a vinyl record  of  Donna Summer “She works hard for the money”  for 40 rubles and sold next very day for 70 .-   That was exciting , though  criminal ay same time as it used to be illegal  to make private business back in USSR.

Used to be a DJ at different dance clubs and caffe clubs in home town, before went to military service in 1987.

There were significant changes in USSR during Perestroika time and it became possible to use my private business skills,  upon my return  back home from military service .

CD was the new media that took my attention and I dedicated some time to establish some international connections  to arrange CD import into Russia in 1992. Our small company have made some distribution deals with Sony Music, BMG,  Universal, Eats West /WMG, ZYX, EFA, SPV and others .

I’ve got good experience in record distribution, and repertoire, as well as an additional understanding of release planning , and marketing . Along with this  more relation with labels and artist managers were established, what led to my switching onto artists management and promotion activity.  I was involved in some  artists product licensing for Russia and CIS territory during those years , also was dealing with song plugging .

Lots of strong relations  were rose during decade and a half and in 2009 some of my partners have proposed to put their assets together under my own label and publishing.  That is how Broma16  , label and publishing company has been launched.

There was no secret for myself in record licensing or publishing administration  .  The major problem I bumped into was how to  manage all those  thousands of songs , which were arriving to my table monthly.   I pulled  my kid’s skills up , but that was not enough, and having luck of information from all around, which was definitely changing permanently,

Especially with publishing catalogues I realized,  I need some tools to improve my work.  That’s how Heaven11 idea appeared. I put together a small and experience team of specialists , and we’ve started that journey, which lead us to where we are now.

Heaven11 became my and my partners new passion.