[title size=”1″]Adam Weitz, Key Account Director, Studios Film & TV[/title]

Meet Adam Weitz: Film/TV fanatic and bona-fide music nerd. Humming the theme to Jaws before he learned to walk, Adam was destined for a career marrying the moving image with music. He is also an avid record collector, once interviewed by NPR about the size of his enormous vinyl archive!

Adam holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from Fordham University and a JD from Syracuse University. His background and a decade of experience as a synch specialist, composer and attorney has provided him a fresh perspective and unique sensitivity to the needs of his clients.

From tent-pole blockbusters to art-house indie films, single-camera comedies to period dramas, Adam is the go-to source for Film and TV clients searching for exceptional music cues and creative licensing solutions for their projects.

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