Title Company
Chair Sync Summit
Assistant Roy Music
Founder Dotted Music
CEO & Co-founder Music X-Ray
Founder The Rights Workshop
Founder Moozar
Music supervisor Saturday Music
Cinema, Tv & MKTG Department manager Sony ATV Music Publishing France
Senior Synch Advertising Manager Sony ATV Music Publishing France
A&R Creative Manager Universal Music Vision
CEO Belleville Music and Morgane Music Publishing
CEO Webb Worldwide Music
Head of Creative Bucks Music Group
Independent Music Supervisor/Producer Ogilvy & Mather
Managing director The-Hours
Music Strategist Shine Group
Founder NVPR
Program Manager Buma Cultuur
Score Draw Music
Music Director Wild Card
Music Producer JWT
CEO / Managing Director A&GSync/A&G Songs Ltd
CEO carbon logic limited
Music supervisor Firestarter Music
Music Creative Director BETC
Managing director Constantin Music GmbH
CEO Kraft Box
Licensing Manager Big Sync Music
Music Supervisor Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Worldwide Executive Of Music and Marketing Electronic Arts
Founder Elephant Music
Group President, Creative & Marketing Imagem Creative Services
Digital Media Consultant and Music Producer TuneRights, The ARChive of Contemporary Music, Modern World Music
Music & Media Manager Mute
Senior Vice President of Licensing & Marketing BMG Rights Management
Director and Createur Music Super Circus
Creative Director & Music Supervisor MUSIC SALES GROUP
Head of International Creative Notting Hill Music Group Ltd
Co-Founder / Board Member MMGHQ Ltd, Media Men Group, StandWithUs
A&R/Creative Manager Buddemusic France
Music Producer Sizzer Amsterdam
Music Supervisor & Business Development Director Sizzer Amsterdam
Head of North America Conexion Media Group
CEO Music World Enterntainment
Head of A&R TRO GmbH
Head of Music Sky
Supervision / Production Creaminal
Music Manager Shazam Entertainment Ltd
Senior Vice President Music & Soundtracks
CEO Parlophone Sync
Music Publisher, Music Supervisor Creaminal
CEO Bleep Machine
President Clearsongs Inc.
Head of Sync Believe Digital
MD, A&R and international Believe Digital
Founder Heaven 17
Head of Artist Partnerships [PIAS] Recordings / [PIAS] Cooperative
President Thrid Side Music
Director of Midem & Music Markets at Reed Midem MIDEM
Sales Director MIDEM
International Sales & Partnerships Manager MIDEM
Conference Project Manager MIDEM
Content Marketing & Conference Director MIDEM
Owner / Managing Director Seeds N’Harvest
business development manager Uniarte
Creative Director/Music Supervisor Just Isn’t Music
Head of TV Ninja Tune
Head of Artist Partnerships [PIAS] Entertainment Group
Creative Manager AMV Talpa GmbH
D.A.F. = Donner Société Pour la Rémunération Equitable
Milan Records
Music Lawyers International
Business dev. manager MYMA
Chargé de communication digitale et Content manager MYMA
Termidor Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG
Termidor Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG
Business Development Director Music Library & SFX
Director of the Global Entertainment and Music Business Program Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus
Consultant for Native Instruments, Digitally Imported Shutterstock
Manager / A&R Sundance Music Ltd
Owner Green United Music
Publishing Manager Green United Music
Music supervisor Green United Music
Black Wire Music
Home Entertainment & Music Business Co-Ordinator FEELGOOD ENTERTAINMENT AE
Long Lunch Music
Creative Director Phoenix Music International Ltd
Owner | Creative Sync Agent Plutonic Productions
CEO/Co-founder Musicovery
international career strategies and career events Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus
Senior Director of Operations Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus
Ad Music
Founder Musicdeal.fr, Fairwood Music
CEO Studio Fontana
Lenna Music
Self-employed Real World Music
President Bloc-Notes Publishing Inc.
Synchronisation & Song Clearance Manager SMV Schacht Musikverlage Germany
Head of Licensing ARC Music Productions International Limited
Artistic Director ARC Music Productions International Limited
Head of Music Licensing Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
Ugly ​Mother​ RECORDS
Vice President Brand Partnership GSA Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
Direction Peer Music
Plutonic Productions
Composer/Drummer/Percussionist X-Ray Sound
music producer X-Ray Sound
VP Product Shutterstock
Synchro & Promotion French Fried Music
A&R Schmooze
Music supervisor self-employed
Synchronization Manager SCHOTT MUSIC GmbH & Co. KG
Project Manager music LX
TakeOff Publishing
Licensing & Publishing Tru Thoughts
CEO CanAudio Licensing inc
President Nia Sounds
CEO ProjectC4
Synchronisation Manager Global Talent Publishing
CEO Music Of The Sea
CEO Northern Ireland Music Industry Commission
Composer Prosincro
Synch Manager and Promotion Manager Prosincro
CEO, Publisher Snowflake Music
Composer self-employed
Directrice De Production Encore Merci
MD Divucsa Music
Sync Agent, Music Consultant, Label Manager Fox Force One, El Camino Records
Director & Partner EPM Music
Owner/Founder Sell Out Sync
Ads & Branding requests Nettwerk Music Group
Creative business development MPL Music Publishing /Periscope Music & Media Ltd
Bianco & Nero sas
A&R – Producer No Fridge
composer & producer // music+sound design self-employed
Retox Musiclinic
Producteur Grabuge Productions
Director | Label & Licensing SILVA SCREEN RECORDS LIMITED
Owner Beatclock Music Library
Founder CEO MusicBox Publishing
Upton Park
Chargée de Production et Développement MusicBox Publishing
Owner Black & Tan Records and Crossroads Agency
Owner Small Town America
Legal & Business Affairs Director – Export Manager TOT OU TARD – LILI LOUISE MUSIQUE – ZOUAVE