Sync Summit Listening Sessions

Our Online Listening Sessions give you the chance to have your music evaluated and listened to by top music supervisors, getting invaluable connections and access to projects and advice that can make your career.

Sync Summits - Online and In Person

Sync Summits in Tokyo, LA, Nashville and NYC bring you together with the world’s top music makers, technology companies and Music Supervisors to meet, learn and do business. We personally connect you and your music to companies and people that can help you succeed in the business of sync, music and media.

Sync Summit Consulting

Are you an artist, composer, label, publisher, management company, producer, music library, sync agency, tech or service provider looking to prepare, package and present your music to decision makers in TV, film, games, apps, brands and advertising? Then Sync Summit’s consulting services can help you access to the tools, best practices and contacts you need to succeed in music licensing and composition.

Sync Summit Intelligence

Check out our reports on the industry, key data, and a lot of amazing, free content.