Please join us on May 4, 2024 at 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET (New Time) for a music listening session with Aspect (Trailer House) Music Supervisor Allyson Aranez.

By signing up for this listening session as a paid registrant you’ll get:

  • A direct connection and conversation with a top Music Supervisor, Music Coordinator or Sync Agent.
  • Access to any current searches or music needs of our guest.
  • Two songs you choose to be listened to during the session by our guest to be evaluated and you’ll get detailed feedback on its syncability as well as any creative notes .
  • A link to submit three songs total to our guest for further review and potential future usage.
  • Information on how to connect with our guest after the session.
  • A video archive of the session for your post-session review.

All of these benefits are included for paid registrants.  Now, here’s some information on our guest:

Allyson Aranez is a Music Supervisor at the trailer house Aspect, and works to loom music with trailers for all major studios and streaming networks. Allyson is also a working musician with music in production at Fox and Netflix, among others.  Before Aspect, Allyson’s roles included music coordinator and associate music supervisor at Trailer Park and film music roles at Universal, Sony ATV and Primary Wave.

And now info about Aspect. Founded in 1978, Aspect is more than an award-winning trailer house and entertainment marketing company. We’re a team. And like a good team, we challenge each other to be better, to take bigger swings and to work together to create something special.

When you sign up, we will share with you the types of music Allyson is looking for as as she shares them with us a guide for your submissions as well as a link for submitting your songs and the link to the listening session Zoom room.

For this session, we’re allowing people to attend for free, but only paid attendees will receive the benefits above.  Here’s how it will work:

  1.  Session Auditing – Free.  You can sit in on the live session, but your music will not be heard nor will you be able to submit music or speak to the guest, and you will not get a copy of the video archive of the session.
  2. Paid Attendance – Music Submission – $75 per song. You can submit up to three songs at the cost of $75 per song.  In addition to having the guest listen to the music you’ve submitted and talking directly with the guest, you’ll be able to send in music for the final playlist and get a video archive of the full session.