We buy , we sell, we synch, we administer, we collect, we audit, we help to clear faster.


We  helped clear the  rights of french  repertoire for american companies( Search party ,  Cut Time . Apple   I LIFE , Stella Artois ,Prada ,  Frances Ha)

We represent for  France  the rights ( publishing /master) of IMPERATIVA( L A)   one of the leading  companies  for  trailer music (  HARRY POTTER , AVATAR,PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN., SPIDERMAN , etc …..)

We  do  regularly synchs  in Marocco, India, Korea  and of course in France ..

We  administer the  worldwide digital rights of more than 350 different producers  from a lot of  countries around the planet , (  4500  albums)  , we have developped expertise in digital marketing  & we do courses around digital economy & music all around the world