AC Bailey was born in Nashville, TN where she first fell in love with melodies, lyrics and the art storytelling. “From the earliest of age, I wrote poetry, inspired by things that I’d gone through, or by country music, rock, alternative, folk, bluegrass, blues, soul and R &B that I heard on the radio, or by gospel music that I heard at church, My grandparents/majority of my family are from Memphis, so the grooves of soul and blues on Beale Street also shaped me. “It’s hard to avoid being a music lover when you grow up in Nashville, there isn’t anywhere you can go, without hearing/seeing great live performances”. AC grew up singing in her church gospel choir, with initial dreams of becoming a back-up singer. Upon graduating from MTSU, AC moved to Los Angeles where AC was a songwriter, lead singer, along with Toughlee, in a blues rock band called 805 South. AC returned to Nashville in 2017, decided to pursue her life-long goal of songwriting and joined NSAI in 2022. AC is a songwriter, topliner and lyricist for various genres: country, R & B, rock, alternative, blues, rap, roots. “I have doctorate in Clinical Psychology. My love for learning about the human experience, allows me to write from more of an introspective place. When someone is in love, down, experiences loss, has victories, or defeats, I know more about the other emotions, behaviors or factors that play into that”. AC prides herself on writing lyrics that are personal, moving and that others can feel and relate to. “I love the human experience. My writing is often sparked my powerful scenes that I see in films, personal conversations that I have, conversations I overhear, or by people watching and imagining what other people might be thinking, talking about or going through”.