Andrew Knox has been working as a composer/music producer/supervisor/sound designer for more than 20 years in the broadcast industry working with the top 10 advertising agencies and top 10 production studios as one of the most respected and best production music supervisor in the industry .

Knox started in New York at CBS Network as an Assistant Music Supervisor and composer for the television show “Guiding Light”.  Prior to AKM, he worked in New York City as Music Director at Associated Production Music, HSR-NY, and Superdupe Recording where he continued his involvement with music scoring and sound design for major television and radio commercials.   

Knox started AKM Productions, producing music for independent films and national and international TV commercials for 7 of the top 10 agencies in the world .  Knox has been part of the teams that produce the Superbowl commercials for the last 15 years and the  Olympics since 1996. 

Knox scores and supervise music for National and International Brands, currently he’s working on TV spots for GE, SUBWAY, JC PENNY, VERIZON, AT&T, HERSHEYS, NESTLE, LOWES, PEPSI, CHEVRON, and M&Ms Superbowl spots.