[title size=”1″]Allison Shaw – Owner – Manic Monkee Management[/title]

Allie Shaw

Allison owns Manic Monkee Mgmt and Brand Development, which manages bands and producers and does consulting and brand alignment for all kinds of brands, produces events and sponsorships.  Allison’s claim to fame as they say came in the break of working for Rachael Ray and helping to create the music side of her including the SXSW Annual Feedback party. Shaw is the CMO for Hollywood Elite Music which works on the Publishing and Licensing side. Allison has done music placement for commercials and is currently working on the Indie full length film “Prey” scheduled for release in 2015. Allison is also on the Board of Directors for Non Profit music charity Sweet Relief.  Shaw’s past and current Brand Strategy and SXSW clients include Beatport, Jammer.fm, Public Enemy, Hollywood And Swine, Hollywood Elite Music, .Music/music.us, Ticketfly, Amazon, Stageit, Getty Images, Fitbit, Heniken, PBR, Jakprints, Lyricfind, Uber, Standing Sun Wines, New Amsterdam Vodka and Gin, Bohemian Guitars and more.